PsyGeNET (Psychiatric disorders Gene association NETwork) is a resource for the exploratory analysis of psychiatric diseases and their associated genes. PsyGeNET is composed of a database and a set of analysis tools, powered by Onexus ( The database has been developed by automatic extraction of information from the literature using the text mining tool BeFree (, followed by curation by experts in the domain. A team of 22 experts participates as curators of the database (more information on our curation team here). This second release of PsyGeNET contains updated information on depression, bipolar disorder, alcohol use disorders and cocaine use disorders, and has been expanded to cover other psychiatric diseases of interest: bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance-induced depressive disorder and psychoses and cannabis use disorder. The current version of PsyGeNET (version 2.0) contains 3,771 associations between 1,549 genes and 117 psychiatric disease concepts (for more information see Due to its special focus on psychiatric diseases and comprehensiveness, PsyGeNET represents a valuable resource for the analysis of the molecular underpinning of psychiatric disorders and their comorbidities.